#29 - Bartender Roundtable | F*** Yelp

This episode of the Send Whiskey podcast is another bartender roundtable with some awesome bartenders around Denver, CO. We got to talk with Henry OttrixTravis GaleMel Ostrow, and of course Twist & Tailor team member, Matt Dutton about bartending in this weird world we've found ourselves in.
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#28 - Shitty Whiskey Tasting with Evren III - Licking Gasoline Tanks & Killing Roses

Evren Bora doesn't seem to realize that we only invite him over to taste shitty whiskey with us.

That's right, it's another Shitty Whiskey Tasting. Not safe for work.
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#27 - Off Hours Bourbon, It's a Lifestyle

Jake Ireland of Off Hours Bourbon joined us to talk about the transparency behind their brand, their awesome bourbon, and what it was like starting up during the pandemic.
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#26 - Jeffrey Morgenthaler Talks Being Head Judge for the SF World Spirits Competition

Jeffrey Morgenthaler hopped on to talk to us about what he's currently up to as head judge for the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, as ...
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#25 - Engineered Whiskey from the Talented Kraig from The Block

Kraig Weaver, Co-Founder of The Block Distilling Co. joined us this week to get nerdy about the science that has gone into their choices for ev...
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#24 - Branch Point Whiskey is Making Good Juice in Oregon

This week, we got to talk to Mitch Graham of Branch Point Whiskey about what they're up to over there in Oregon. Frankly, they're up to some good stuff. We talk about their whiskey made with triticale, which we've fallen in love with.
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Send Whiskey #23 - Ryan Negley on Going From Skate Rat to Spirits Brand Rep

This week, we were joined by Ryan Negley of Boulder Spirits to talk about his career in the bar and spirits industries in Colorado.
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#22 - Catoctin Creek, GWAR's favorite whiskey

Scott Harris of Catoctin Creek joined us to talk about the history behind their distillery. In short, their co-founder, Becky Harris is a badass who can make some darn good whiskey.
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Send Whiskey #21 - The Sustainability of Bartending as a Career

Matt Dutton, our newest Twist & Tailor member joins us to talk about what it's like moving out from behind the bar into a new career.
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Send Whiskey Podcast #20 - Shitty Whiskey Tasting with Evren II - Seagull in a Smoking Jacket

Evren's back for more shitty whiskey!

In this episode, Evren Bora joins us for another fun and ridiculous shitty whiskey tasting.
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Send Whiskey Podcast #19 - Emily-Whiskey-Hands and Jeff On Running a Bar Post-Pandemic

Emily McKenna is back in the studio, for better or worse, and Jeff Knott joins her to talk about Mainspring Collection here in Denver, CO, and what it was like to open a bar right at the beginning of the pandemic.
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Send Whiskey Podcast #18 - Golden Age Spirits, A Whiskey Drinker's Rum

On this episode, we got to talk to Bill Atkinson and Timothy Cozzi of Golden Age Spirits about their rum. A lot of thought went into their branding, packaging, and the ethos behind what they do. You can hear their passion about what they're up to, and we'd like to think you can taste it in the rum, as well.
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