Send Whiskey #43 - Robby The Angry Bartender

Andi & Nemo got to sit down with Robby @theeangrybartender to talk about being an Instagram bartender and how he grew his account.Robby has b...
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#42 - Tales from Tales and Hotel Bars

Andi & Nemo got to sit down with Ravin Buzzell, GM of Bezel here in Denver, CO to talk about his experience at Tales of the Cocktail.

Ravin has had an interesting journey getting to where he is now, and we talked about what that looked like and some of what he's learned along the way.
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#41 - Bartenders React to Shitty Instagram Cocktails

Evren joined us for another episode! We're still not sure why he keeps coming back.

We talked about (and got to try) some bad cocktail recipes off of Instagram this time around. 0/10, would not recommend.
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#40 - Bartenders React to Terrible Cocktail Videos

Nemo & Andi Whiskey sat down this week to talk about cocktail videos... the good, the bad, and a whole lot of ugly.

They critiqued some of the videos that distilleries are pushing on their home pages and talked about why you should be more careful with the content you create for your brand.
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#39 - The Malört & TikTok Episode with Ballmer Peak Distillery

Austin Adamson of Ballmer Peak Distillery joined us for this episode to talk about his successes on social media, particularly with TikTok for his distillery. He's a master of the platform, so we're stoked to hear his tips and tricks for how he grew his audience there.
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#38 - Former Jack Daniels Master Distiller, Jeff Arnett Starts Own Company, Company

Andi and Nemo had the honor of being invited out as guests to Townsend, TN to visit Company Distilling. We got to sit down and talk to former Jack Daniels Master Distiller, Jeff Arnett about his past career path and his future ideas for Company Distilling.
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#35 - What Makes A Bar Our Favorite

In this episode of the Send Whiskey Podcast, Andi Whiskey and Nemo sat down to talk about the cocktails that got them into bartending, as well as their favorite bars growing up and now.
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#34 - Talking Las Vegas Cocktail Scene with Juyoung Kang

Juyoung Kang, talented Las Vegas bartender sat down to talk with us about her experiences working cocktail bars at high end hotels and resorts in Vegas.
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#33 - Whiskey Business | Marketing Mistakes Spirits Brands Make

Nemo and Andi sat down to talk about their experience working in the marketing side of the food and beverage industry.

Our agency runs marketing for spirits brands, including social media marketing, paid social ads, email marketing, content creation like photography and video, and more.  
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#32 - Shitty Whiskey IV - Scott is King of Shitty Whiskey

Evren Bora still hasn't realized that we only invite him over to make him drink shitty whiskey.

It's another Shitty Whiskey Tasting. Not safe for work.
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#31 - Whiskey Business - Social Media Marketing Trends for Bars, Restaurants, and Liquor Brands in 2022

The Twist & Tailor team sits down in this episode to talk about trends in social media marketing for food and beverage brands, particularly restaurants, bars, and liquor brands.
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#30 - Cocktails We Thought Were Cool in Our 20s

The Twist & Tailor all reluctantly came together in this one to have a little party bartending for each other. The one BYOB rule was you had to bring a cocktail that you were super proud to make for friends in your 20s, but are now embarrassed to admit that you made it.
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