Our Story

Meet our founders

Twist & Tailor started in November 2020. It was meant to be the minute Nemo and Andi first started working together.

Andi has over a decade of business experience, running a marketing agency, an ecommerce business, a manufacturing business, a luxury barbershop, a photography agency, to only name a few.

Nemo has a decade of experience in food and beverage and high end bars, and went to school for graphic design, making him a heavy hitter behind the bar and the keyboard.

When they met and started working together for photo shoots for distilleries, the next step of turning their endeavors into a full blown marketing agency to help the food and beverage industry grow was just... natural.

Co-Founder | Agency Director

Lead photographer, and agency co-founder and director.



Andi Whiskey

Co-Founder | Creative Director

Nemo does... a little bit of everything? From crafting cocktails to graphic design to photo and video, he's your guy.

Nemo N.

Head of Team Morale

Needs all the pets. Keeps the chairs warm when we get up. Watches for doggo friends at the door.

Basil Hayden