#39 - The Malört & TikTok Episode with Ballmer Peak Distillery

#39 - The Malört & TikTok Episode with Ballmer Peak Distillery


Austin Adamson of Ballmer Peak Distillery joined us for this episode to talk about his successes on social media, particularly with TikTok for his distillery. He's a master of the platform, so we're stoked to hear his tips and tricks for how he grew his audience there.

We also tried his new Bask Nomort, for better or worse... What a trip. Give the episode a listen, and if you're ever in Colorado, hunt 'em down and give their spirits a try.


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Booze imbibed:
Ballmer Peak Distillery Australian Gin
Ballmer Peak Distillery Bask NoMort

Austin Adamson of Ballmer Peak Distillery

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