Send Whiskey #2.2 - Team Comes First Mentality

  • by Andi Whiskey
Send Whiskey #2.2 - Team Comes First Mentality

In this Whiskey Business bonus segment, Nemo & Andi sit down to talk about Twist & Tailor's "Team comes first" mentality when we work with food & beverage businesses.

Nemo also talks about his Balcones With a Twist Garnish Games. Make sure to enter. Follow Nemo, @nemowithatwist and check out the rules at

Evran Bora

Booze imbibed:
Axe & the Oak
Garrison Bros
Balcones Rye
Akashi Ume

Andi Whiskey

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This is the Send Whiskey podcast by Twist & Tailor,

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