This episode is one of our Whiskey Business segments where we talk about trends that we're seeing for Instagram for 2021, specifically for the beverage industry.

The topics we go over:
1. Content is king, and should be quality
- authenticity is important
- content needs to be high quality but needs to feel real and relatable

2. Utilize Instagram Stories More
- stories are a great place to make the brand feel relatable and personal

3. Instagram is pushing reels hard
- engagement is through the roof

4. Trending Cross-Platform Content
- Tiktok plus IG cross posting

5. Relatable and Relevant Influencers
- make sure you're using influencers that speak to your customer demographic
- ...also make sure you know who your customer demographic is on social media

6. Utilize Live Content
- people are tuning in live, still, and will continue to

7. IGTV Will Continue to be Useful
- skip youtube. This is a much more pleasant way to interact with customers.
- still not seeing much traction for videos over 30 min... it's still on a phone

8. Cause Marketing
- the platforms have baked in ways to raise money for causes, increasing engagement and brand loyalty

9. Instagram Shopping
- there was a BIG push around the holidays 2020

10. Pay Attention to the Explore Tab
- algorithms are getting better at making this an interesting space to "explore" so working to understand the algorithm for how to get posts there is key
- utilize ad placements here

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Andi Whiskey,

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Andi Whiskey
Andi Whiskey

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