Get Photos and Videos Faster - Meet Geoff

  • by Andi Whiskey
Get Photos and Videos Faster - Meet Geoff

Introducing Our Newest Team Member, Geoff

Geoff Worcester - Twist & Tailor Production Assistant

Geoff joined us this month to help us crush our shoots for our spirits brands clients.

He's our new production wizard, editing photos and videos of whiskey and cocktails faster than ever.

That means less lag time between scheduling a photo or video shoot for your brand and getting your content.

We know how important it is to get your content for your marketing campaigns quickly. 

So we hired Geoff, who went to school for film, and grew up in the restaurant industry. He's as comfortable behind a bar as he is behind the computer editing videos for your liquor brand.

Want proof?

Check out this video that we shot and delivered two days later along with five other videos shot that week.

Geoff is a monster on the computer. Try us.

We're cranking out content for spirits brands and food & beverage businesses faster than ever.

Need content for your marketing campaigns?

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