Stay Informed through Our Client Dashboard

  • by Edward Simpson
Stay Informed through Our Client Dashboard

Stay Informed & Organized with the Client Dashboard

At Twist & Tailor, we prioritize keeping all of our clients informed through an effective communication process. Our client dashboard allows your team to easily track the status of ongoing projects, communicate valuable insights, share documents, and more.

We've found, from working with our clients, that some issues they've had in the past is not being informed enough as to what's going on in their accounts. We've created this dashboard to keep that line of communication open.

Our Digital Marketing Client Dashboard

Our client dashboard makes project management easy, allowing us to upload files to specific tasks that are easy to track. Watch tasks as they go through different stages of development and receive live updates from Twist & Tailor along the way. We’ll send you our thoughts, feedback, and detailed insights of campaign performance after they go live.

We use it to communicate about upcoming social media posts, so you can approve or edit captions and photos easily, or stay updated on what we're working on.

We also use it to deliver our photography and video retainer clients their photos and videos. You'll receive them in organized folders for either web resolution or print resolution. We also use it to keep you updated on copywriting and graphic design projects.

Clients will find it easy to stay organized and communicate in the midst of marketing initiatives, streamlining operations, increasing productivity, all the while growing your brand.

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