Our client, a local pozoleria and mezcal bar has a reputation for authentic Mexican cuisine and an extensive selection of mezcal, but they needed people in the door.

The Problem: They Need More Feet in the Door

After approaching us with specific goals of attracting tourists in Denver’s Ballpark District and increasing awareness around Denver metro, we set out to help them create a marketing initiative that would attract new customers.

Mezcal Bar

Our Solution: Increase Local Engagement and Engaging Content on Social Media

Following an initial audit of their digital properties, we determined the most effective channel of communication involved social media, but a stale posting schedule and lack of engagement was affecting the client’s growth.

The restaurant needed an online presence that was as strong as their dining experience. 

Our Execution: Target Local Demographics on Social Media

We designed a strategy that targeted local traffic through restaurant social media management and content creation. With ongoing communication that prioritized menu changes, promotions, and special news, we were able to effectively disperse key information to our client’s neighboring community. 

Restaurant social media management involves tactics like digital outreach, sharing content that highlight fresh ingredients and hand-crafted cocktails, and involving the local community in content creation. 

The Results: Video Content Increases Reach and Local Engagement Works

Through analysis of our client’s social metrics, we found our most effective approaches included content formats like Instagram Reels and TikTok for restaurants. Using this information, we sourced user generated content and adapted it into weekly Instagram Reels for further growth across social media. 

In just 2 months of our marketing efforts, the Mexican restaurant and mezcal bar saw greater engagement across all digital channels, an increase of 1250 followers across Instagram, an expansion of brand awareness, and a boost of foot traffic through the door.


Instagram analytics

2 months later:

Restaurant Instagram

We approach every client on a diagnostic basis in order to determine the most effective strategy for your goals. Considering help for your restaurant's social media management? Have questions about specific platforms like TikTok or Instagram reels for restaurants? Our team is here to assist you.Contact us today!

Edward Simpson
Edward Simpson

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