Need Cheap Cocktail Photos?

  • by Andi Whiskey
Need Cheap Cocktail Photos?


We are busy shooting bar and cocktail content every day for brands from around the world.

And we know we may not always get the pleasure to work with your brand, but we have a new option to help you get content you need for your marketing campaigns.

We've taken unbranded bar and cocktail content and are providing it to you in a comprehensive stock photo and video web site.

You can now purchase individual photos and videos to fit your needs without having to book an entire photo or video shoot!

All starting at just $10 per photo.

Big savings, right?

Check it out:

Old Fashioned Cocktail Stock Photo


With each photo, we provide a description of the cocktail in the photo, along with alternative classic cocktails it could represent.

We also include potential spirits that could represent it.

You no longer have to worry if the photo you're posting has a cocktail that's made right or represents your product correctly.

The site's search is comprehensive (and we're constantly fine tuning) so you can search and find what you need.

Need a gin cocktail?

Gin Cocktails on barstockphotos


Need holiday cocktails?

Holiday Cocktails on Bartstockphotos

And we're adding new photos on there daily at the moment.

You can sign up for our newsletter on the site to be notified when we have a big upload of a bunch of new content for you.

We're excited to bring this to you and happy to help you with your content marketing needs, as social media continues to demand fresh, quality content.

Let us know if you have any questions!

In the meantime, go check out our stock photos!

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