Spirits Brands, Avoid this Big Marketing Mistake!

  • by Andi Whiskey
Spirits Brands, Avoid this Big Marketing Mistake!


Spirits brands, be careful what you post or what you let influencers post in ads representing you brand!

Don't Post Irresponsible Drinking Photos or Videos

Far too often, we see irresponsible (and dangerous) posts and ads getting shared on behalf of spirits brands that show Glencairns with far more than the 1.5oz-2oz pour, as well as cocktail builds with well over the standard 2-3 oz of alcohol per cocktail in the recipe.

For a quick article with some bartending basics if you're wanting to learn more, check out this article in WineMag.

You, as a brand, are responsible for making sure you aren't promoting irresponsible drinking or use of your product.

Make Sure Your Team Knows Safe Food & Beverage Industry Practices

This is why it's so important to have people on your team or who you hire who understand basic food and beverage safety, as well as how to use and handle your spirit professionally.

Make sure your marketing or PR agency knows what they're talking about. It's immediately evident in the food and beverage industry if you don't. Whoever is in charge or your social media's content needs to know basic food and beverage safety and handling. 

Whiskey glencairn pour of Highland Park Whisky

Hire an Agency That Knows the Wine & Spirits Industry

This is why our entire team is comprised of bartenders-turned-marketers who know how to present your product professionally and responsibly.

Photographed is a 1 oz taster pour of whiskey jigger-poured for accuracy, for your reference.

If you need help with your marketing, we're here for you.

We have bartenders who model for us and bartenders who do photography and video for our clients, meaning the end product is bartender-certified and sure to make your brand look professional.

We also offer social media services, and your reps that work with your brand are hospitality professionals with food and beverage experience. They know how to talk about your product.

We offer consultation and full marketing services to make sure your brand is marketed safely and professionally.

More Marketing Tips

Tips from our marketing team who are in the field daily, for how to market your alcohol brand.


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