We recently had the pleasure to redesign a web site for one of our long time clients.

The Problem

Their conversion rate was hovering around 2% on good days, but most often, it was below 2%. They were driving traffic, but losing sales.

A healthy conversion rate for most ecommerce sites is going to hover around 4-7% so we set that as the goal.

After we looked at the site, we found that a lot of the imagery was outdated. There was also not a lot of compelling visuals to drive sales. 

The design was also stale, had not been updated from the original Shopify template default settings, and lacked imagery focused on the products and the lifestyle around them. 

We also found that the product descriptions were wordy and did not make sense. They also were difficult to read and were too long to make easy sense of them. 

Our Web Site Redesign Solution

  • Copywriting: We rewrote product descriptions to aid in legibility and SEO.
  • Theme design: We updated the theme design to be more custom to our client's branding. We updated the fonts and colors to be more conversion-focused, while creating strong aesthetically pleasing design.
  • Product photos: We updated the site with lifestyle photos of many of the products, showing them in use or creating more of a vibe around the products. 
  • General updates: We removed some outdated, out of season imagery to make the web site feel more up-to-date.

The Web Site Redesign Conversion Results

In just 14 days after the web site redesign, Woods Goods Co. saw a 25% increase in conversion rate on their site, going from an average 2.5% conversion rate to 3.54%.

After one month, they saw a 40% increase in conversion rate on their site after our web site redesign was launched.

Increased conversion rate after web site redesign

They also saw a 32% increase in return customers during that time. This is partly attributed to an email marketing campaign run by the Twist & Tailor team to get return customers back to the site to purchase.

Increased returning customer rate



If you are struggling to convert your web site traffic to sales, get in touch. We'll run an audit on your site, and give you actionable steps to fix the issues. And if you want us to help fix them, we'll jump in and execute for you, to make it happen.

Get in touch and get your web site converting today.


Twist & Tailor team responsible for redesign:
Nemo N: graphic design & photography
Andi Whiskey: audit, web design, photography, & project management
Matt Dutton: audit & copywriting

Andi Whiskey
Andi Whiskey

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