Top 10 Alcohol Brands to Watch on Instagram in 2023

  • by Elayna Hixon
Top 10 Alcohol Brands to Watch on Instagram in 2023

There are many different ways to grow your follower base for your alcohol brand, from showcasing cocktails your spirits can be featured in, to showing the lifestyle behind your brand. 

A huge component of growth is understanding your marketing funnel, and what stage of that funnel you are catering toward through your Instagram account.

Social Media for Spirits brands is important

Are you utilizing a proper marketing funnel to attract potential customers?

Are you putting out the kind of content that your customer base wants to see?

Is that content useful to them?

What are you doing to retain the customers you already have?

Is your social media content encouraging them to come back and buy more of your products?

With Instagram specifically, you are mainly trying to convince customers to buy your products, which we call the consideration stage of your marketing funnel. 

The next most important part is retention, where you are making sure those current customers are coming back time after time to purchase your products. You’re creating loyal customers who enjoy your company and what you have to offer. 

To understand more deeply why having a cohesive digital marketing funnel for your alcohol business is crucial, you can read more here

We took a look at which alcohol brands are crafting a great Instagram presence. Take a look at our curated list below.


Deep Eddy Vodka


This vodka brand has been doing a fantastic job of showcasing their brand personality. When you post content that shows this, you are giving current customers and potential customers something to relate to. 

Deep Eddy posts graphics that have a fun, joking, playful voice. If someone sees a post that makes them laugh or smile, this automatically makes them feel slightly more connected to your content. It’s all about how your content makes someone FEEL. 

Check out Deep Eddy Vodka’s Instagram account for more examples.


When it comes to engaging with their audience, Fernet-Branca knows what they’re doing. If you’re scrolling through Instagram and a post catches your eye, you’re going to slow down and look at the comment right? Activity with your posts and in the comment section is huge for your Instagram presence and convincing customers to buy.

This brand has perfected catching your attention, then encouraging activity in the comment section. They know how to ask questions in their caption to get that customer to engage. 

This post of theirs is a great example of getting responses out of people in the comments. 

Scrappy's Bitters


Although they’re not an alcohol brand, Scrappy’s Bitters is an ancillary brand and are killing it with the cocktail posts. 

Their use of user-generated content (UGC) makes them stand out. When selling a consumable product, you have to encourage the use of your product. You also want to show people how they can best enjoy your product. This is a great example of Scrappy’s Bitters utilizing social media for the Consideration and Retention stage of their marketing funnel.

Check out their UGC usage on their Instagram profile

Heaven Hill Distillery


When you look at Heaven Hill Distillery’s Instagram profile, you instantly get a feeling of community and want to be a part of it.

They do an amazing job at including social posts that give customers a look inside the culture of their business. This encourages people to connect with the brand and leaves people wanting to know more about the brand and your product.

Once again, always ask yourself, “How does this make a customer feel? What are they getting from this post?”

Take a look at their Instagram feed here

Tito's Vodka Instagram


Knowing your audience is a key piece of marketing your alcohol brand on Instagram. Tito’s Vodka has their target audience nailed down and knows how to keep them engaged with their Instagram content. 

A large portion of their content is aimed toward dog and cat people. They regularly post photos of dogs and cats with their products, along with Tito’s branded toys for the animals. Their use of hashtags in conjunction with these posts like #VodkaForDogPeople or #VodkaForCatPeople encourages their customers to post their own photos and use those hashtags as well. 

This type of unique content encourages these dog and cat owners who also love vodka to buy and post their own pet photos using those unique hashtags. This ultimately drives more attention and customers to their account.

Check out their Instagram profile for some great examples of these unique posts.

Kraken Rum Instagram


The Kraken Rum takes interesting visuals to another level. They utilize content that makes you look twice and wonder what you’re seeing. This results in people spending more time on their posts and profile. 

The more visual interest you have, the more people look at your post, the happier the Instagram algorithm is. When the Instagram algorithm is seeing people pause on your posts and spend time on them, the more they’ll push your content.

For example, during the holidays, they posted a reel of their rum being poured on a ham that resembled the Kraken. Instantly, people wonder what they’re looking at and keep watching to figure out what’s going on.

This post is a great example of visual interest.


This alcohol brand does a great job at using their Instagram profile to tease new releases or limited collections. 

When rolling out new or limited products, it’s important to build excitement around the products. This gives people something to engage with and look for. If they’re waiting for your new drop, they may check your profile more often or engage with your content to get more information.

Check out their Instagram profile here

Grey Goose Vodka Instagram Profile


This alcohol brand pushes the lifestyle around their product. When you look at their Instagram profile and what they post, it gives you an idea of what the Grey Goose Vodka culture is. 

Looking at their posts, it transports the customer into a feeling. “I want to be there!” They post images of people using their product, what the environment looks like, and how it’s being used. A lot of the images are the vodka being used at parties and in luxury settings. 

Check out these posts on their Instagram account.

Tanqueray Gin Instagram


This alcohol brand is a great example of utilizing influential people to sell their product. 

Partnering with celebrities or influencers can benefit your social media marketing immensely. These people can bring more attention to your product and drive traffic to your account. 

Check out how Tanqueray Gin utilizes its partnership with Stanley Tucci on their Instagram profile.

Hendrick's Gin


Hendrick’s Gin's Instagram page is a fantastic example of a cohesive feed. 

When posting content on your social media, you want it to look like it all belongs together. You don’t want people scrolling through your feed and thinking, “That’s weird, why did they post that?”

When you have a consistent and cohesive Instagram feed, this will also create brand recognition with your customers. If you post an image or graphic and someone stumbles upon it, they will immediately recognize it as your brand and product. 

Check out Hendrick’s Gin Instagram profile here


Here are a couple bonus brands to check out, because we're a little partial.

NEFT Vodka on Instagram

11. NEFT Vodka

We love to see what they're doing on social media, not just because we create a lot of their social media content.

We also think they do a great job of figuring out how to talk about their very interesting luxury-vodka-in-a-barrel to an international crowd. They're based out of Austria, but have customer bases in countries around the world, so they have to navigate that mixed audience while posting, and we think they do a great job of it. 

Check out NEFT Vodka on Instagram here


11. Nosotros Tequila


Nosotros has as a strong brand message around "Drink With Us" and that's reflected in their branding. Most of their imagery shows ways to enjoy their tequila with others. Hence the name!

Check out Nosotros Tequila on Instagram here



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