Why You Need Instagram Reels for Your Beverage Brand

  • by Edward Simpson
Why You Need Instagram Reels for Your Beverage Brand

If you’re a beverage brand, social media should be an integral part of your marketing strategy.

However, simply owning an account won't be enough to grow your Instagram followers. Successful social media marketing comes from a thorough understanding of each platform, the audiences that use them, and the algorithms behind them.

And these days, Instagram is pushing their reels HARD. 


Instagram reels are crucial for your beverage brand

What Are Instagram Reels?

Reels are short videos on Instagram where people may participate in trends, collaborate, or share new ideas. Reels offer creative tools like AR effects, filters, music and text overlays, stickers, and more to give users a variety ways to express themselves and engage with their audiences.

Why Should You Use Instagram Reels?

Instagram reels are one of the platform’s newer features, which means not many brands have taken full advantage of it yet.

With a few more creative tools at your fingertips, Instagram gives brands the opportunity to enhance their content and storytelling abilities, connect to new audiences, and grow the followers.

The NFL is the most active league when it comes to using Reels, and they are averaging 67% more engagement when compared with standard video content. - Digital Agency Network

Instagram Reels Increase Your Beverage Brand’s Reach

The platform is rewarding those who use the feature with more discoverability and reach so they use it more often. Instagram is more likely to place your content on the explore page to be discovered by new people.

Reels Showcase Your Identity

Beverage brands may find it easier to showcase their identity through content formats like video, which give you the opportunity to let the people behind the brand educate, entertain, and connect with your audience in a more engaging format.

Instagram Reels Are More Shareable

Posting reels easily get your brand in front of thousands of new eyes.

Reels are more shareable than other content formats on their platform like Stories, which disappear after 24 hours. Instead, they give brands the opportunity to create content that’s easily discoverable long after it’s posted, meaning more shares and greater reach for your posts.


How to Use Instagram Reels for Your Beverage Brand

Some popular ways you can utilize Instagram Reels may include:

Highlight Products/ Services in Video Reels

Use Reels to call attention to your offerings in ways that photography might now allow. You may use them to demonstrate a product or service, show comparisons to your competitors, or show the work that you created.

Join Trends With Reels

Brands may find many opportunities to take advantage of trends on Instagram reels through seasonal changes, events, and upcoming holidays. Think about how Starbucks capitalizes on Pumpkin Spice Lattés each fall, centering their marketing campaigns and content around the theme of a fall drink.


Entertain Your Customers

Ask yourself how you want your audience to feel? Creating content that provokes an emotion in your audience can be enough to create an impression of your brand. Sometimes, you don’t have to go above and beyond with the creative vision of your content. It can be enough to make someone laugh, feel sentimental, or inspire action with content that provokes emotion.


Educate Your Customers With Video

Reels provide the perfect format for educational videos for beverage brands. Try content formats like cocktail recipes, or go behind the scenes and show the work that goes into bottling your beverage.




Hold Contests With Reels

Use Reels to create a contest and get your Instagram followers involved. By indirectly recruiting your audience as brand ambassadors, you can get them to spread brand awareness while building their loyalty with brand engagement.


It's Easier Than You Think

It doesn't have to be a crazy creative video.

We've seen customers' accounts pop off with just a casual video around their distillery. When creating marketing plans for our clients, we encourage them to send us videos monthly of them just... doing their jobs. 

People love the behind the scenes. Capture the personality behind your brand and share that. You never know what might go big.

Consistency is Key

We've also seen simple 6 second videos get massive reach... for no reason. Sometimes you just have to keep throwing things up to see what sticks.

This is why we encourage our clients to try lots of different videos with us, and sometimes keeping it simple works. 

Our Creative Director, Nemo, took a clip of him prepping ice for a shoot and threw that into a very short reel and it popped off with more than 15k views. 



So test lots. Post lots. Don't be afraid to share the short videos or let us keep it simple with just a well made short clip.

Create a Marketing Strategy for Your Beverage Brand

Of course, we can help. We know that some of this can sound daunting. How do you have the time for all of this?

Creating a marketing strategy can involve a lot of moving parts, but our team can help take the load off. 

With our strong experience within the food and beverage industry, we’ll assess your goals and find the best strategies for you. Contact us today!


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