Monthly Content Creation for 9 North Rum

  • by Elayna Hixon
Monthly Content Creation for 9 North Rum

We have been working with 9 North since 2022, creating photo and video content.

The Problem: They Needed Content for Social Media and Their Website

We have assisted 9 North in creating imagery for their website and social media content with an emphasis on a mix of bottle, cocktail, lifestyle, and ingredient focused shots.

The Solution: Photography and Video for Their Spiced Rum Brand

We have a Monthly Content Creation package made exactly for this purpose.

In our studio, we have photo shoots regularly, which include lifestyle sets, bar sets and more. With these regular shoots at our studio, we have the ability to work brands like 9 North into a variety of shoots, to create a wide range of content for them throughout the month.

This is preferable, so it doesn't look like all of their imagery just came from one photo shoot on one day. We are uniquely poised as an agency to create this variation for brands.

We create the photos mainly for social media use, with a handful of photos for web presence, as well.

If you need monthly content creation, reach out! We'd love to help!

In the meantime, check out some of our work for them over the months:

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