E-commerce Web Site Design for Beer Brand

  • by Andi Whiskey
E-commerce Web Site Design for Beer Brand

Web Site Redesign for Alcohol-Free Beer Brand

We loved our chance to work with CERIA Brewing Co. to build out a brand new e-commerce web site for their alcohol-free beers.

They moved from an outdated static site to a Shopify-based platform. We designed a more contemporary style of web site around their branding items.

The Twist & Tailor team worked with them to understand their needs for the new web site. 

In the first month of their launch, they saw 210 orders. This was exciting for everyone, as they went from only selling through distributors to selling direct to consumer from their own site overnight.

We also implemented a Spanish version of the web site, with translation services, so they could sell to Puerto Rico.

We updated their typography to match contemporary trends by removing some unnecessary fonts from the site, allowing them to shine in the packaging branding, instead. 

We made the product front and center focus for the web site, to create a frictionless process for ordering. 

We also set up a store locator that is easy to edit for their team, so they can keep their customers up-to-date on where to find their non-alcoholic beer.

On top of all of that, we connected their new site to Klaviyo and set up their email marketing automated flows. They immediately saw an uptick in sales with their first email campaign.


Web site redesign for craft beer brand


Craft beer brand web site redesign


Services rendered:

Web design
Graphic design
Brand consulting
Email marketing setup


Start date: 7/1/2021

Completion date: 8/10/2021


Twist & Tailor Team Involved:

Andi Whiskey, web design
Nemo, graphic design
Matt Dutton, copywriting
Geoff Worcester, translation services

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