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The Podcast Team

Meet the Hosts
Send Whiskey Podcast Host, Andi

Andi Whiskey

Despite the fact that Andi might be the business brains behind the operation, she's the one with the pirate mouth and the rowdy dive bar backstory.

She started her first business at 16 years old, and has lived a pirate life from there (sub whiskey for rum). She traveled the country in her early 20s while running a web and graphic design agency, as well as a private event bartending business. She spent a couple years in the skate scene, running a downhill longboard magazine and drinking fifths of whiskey in the Vans warehouse while chatting with Z boys and Powell pros.

Her palate refined over the years, as she explored as many whiskeys as she could get her hands on.

She was never much into cocktails before meeting Nemo, however she has a past in chemistry and scent profile formulations from her other business, Whiskey, Ink, & Lace. The same skillset needed to formulate scents for personal care products has translated well to tasting, building, and critiquing cocktails and spirits.

She brings a bit of that rough and tumble past to her approach to the bar and spirits industry.

Send Whiskey Podcast Host, Nemo

Nemo Whiskey

Nemo may have spent more time behind the stick as the bartender slinging drinks and rockin' a well, but he's definitely the more polished personality on the show.

Nemo may look and sound like the more refined persona between the pair, but don't be fooled. He lived a scary similar life to Andi, just the midwest version. He just cleans up a bit better.

He brings an unorthodox approach to cocktail builds, pushing the boundaries with classic riffs and culinary-approaches to booze.

His art school background plays into his take on cocktails and spirits, more often than not, as he builds tipples like sculptures. He loves the industry for the artful expression he's able to experience within it.

His palate is impeccable, but leans towards the more polarizing profiles, including the funk of rum agricole and the bitterness of Malort.

He still can pick out delicate nuances from soft Pacific Northwest whiskeys while wrestling the robust notes of Texas bourbon, and brings that, as well as his history behind the bar, to the table for the podcast.



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