Send Whiskey Podcast #3 Pt 1 - How to Poach Eggs in a Microwave

In this episode of the Send Whiskey podcast, Nemo & Andi Whiskey talk with Katie Bonneau of Bon Communications and Emily McKenna with Room...
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Send Whiskey #2.2 - Team Comes First Mentality

In this Whiskey Business bonus segment, Nemo & Andi sit down to talk about Twist & Tailor's "Team comes first" mentality when we work wi...
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Send Whiskey Episode #2 - Covid Bartender Roundtable

Nemo and Andi Whiskey sat down (all masked up and safe like) with three other Denver, CO bartenders to talk about what life has been like for t...
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Send Whiskey #1.2 - Andi Hates Rum

Bonus EpisodeWe talked with Sol Richardson of Rising Sun Distillery here in Denver, CO at our Whiskey Weekly instagram and he dished about som...
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Send Whiskey Episode #1 - Branch & Barrel Bottling Session

Nemo and Andi Whiskey got a chance to attend a bottling session with Branch & Barrel Distilling and talk to Nate Couture a bit about all of ...
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Send Whiskey Podcast #7 - Drinks with Drew, Can Bottled Cocktails Be Better Than the Real Thing?

Drew Stevens of Green Russell in Denver, CO joins us with some bottled cocktails that he personally concocted, and talks about all the science...
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