6 Reasons Your Brand Needs Professional Product Photography

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6 Reasons Your Brand Needs Professional Product Photography

If your business has a product or a line of products, it’s not enough to simply take a few shots with your phone and upload them online. 

Brands need strong imagery to support their marketing efforts and attract new clientele. Professional product photography can help with that initiative, allowing your brand to stand out from its competitors, attract customers, and generate revenue.

We know your phone is easy and always at your side, so why not just take some quick photos with that?

Well... have you seen the difference between your phone photos and your competitors' professional photos? 

Oof, low blow, I know. 

If you're feeling the competitive pinch of trying to keep up with everyone else, professional product photography could be the key. 

You need to show off your brand right. 

Here are 6 reasons you need professional product photography for your wine or spirits brand.

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1. Quality Photos Communicate Quality 

Professional product photography results in images that are high-quality, crisp, and clear. If you’re taking photos of your offerings, you want to represent them in the most professional light.

Don’t make the mistake of uploading photos with poor lighting, fuzzy pixels, and blurry focus.

Your imagery is the first impression someone will have of your product or service. If your photography is professional, it lends to your brand’s credibility as an authority in its space.

2. Good Photography Reinforces Your Branding

Product photography is an extension of the look and feel of your brand. As such, the imagery on your website should coordinate with the creative decisions you made for your brand’s identity.

Professional photographers consider many elements to create a narrative. They may make specific choices regarding models, lighting, color, and background depending on your brand’s goals. As such, consistent product imagery can help the customer associate specific emotions with your brand and reinforce your identity while creating a lasting impression.

3. Your Photos Can Highlight Selling Points

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Product photography can also allow you to direct the consumer's focus to specific features of your product or service. Highlight what differentiates your brand and support your selling points with photography that demonstrates your value.

4. Better Photography Means You Can Outshine Competitors

Let's be frank. If you're still taking phone photos, and they have a team with a studio and models to help them create content, who are your customers going to prefer?

Or on the other side, if your competitor is using their outdated iPhone to take photos and you're using a professional photographer, who's the customer going to think creates a more quality product?

Research your competitors to identify the weak points in their content marketing and use those to inform your product photography. What are customers actually looking for? Show them that.

Use your photos to answer questions that your competitors avoid, highlight features, and create a narrative.

Allowing your products to stand out through professional photography can position you as a top brand in your space and help create a stronger impression in the customer’s mind, resulting in repeat engagement and business.

5. Show Them Why They Want Your Product

Don't leave it up to their imagination.

People want to be able to see themselves using it.

For wine & spirits brands, that means showing customers people like themselves using the products. 

Flavor cues are important in beverage product photography - CPG photography in Denver, CO

Set expectations, and make sure you meet them. When people are shopping, you want to make it easy to trust your brand. Customers may be disappointed by an online purchase that’s not what they thought it would be, and it could hurt your brand’s reputation, causing them to choose your competitors instead.

Product photography can help your brand accurately represent itself online. You may choose to show your product in scale for sizing purposes, with ingredients for flavor cues, or you may choose to show certain features, functions, or selling points so your customers can properly make a purchase decision.

Flavor cues are a key point for beverage photography, by the way. They can't smell or taste your product from buying online, so you have to provide as much sensory cues as you can the only way you can: visually.

6. Photos Can Encourage Discussion and Engagement Around Your Brand

In the digital age, word of mouth can still go a long way. Product photography is a great content marketing tool for social media because it’s easily shareable and it helps you maintain brand awareness with consistent touches in the customer’s life.

Create content that begs to be shared or... ask people to share it!

Not only are shares a cheaper way to market, but they also carry more merit as people are more likely to trust the opinions of their friends and family than a brand they just discovered online.

Product Photography Tips for Your Brand

If you’re curious about professional product photography for your brand, here are some of our tips to getting started.

Book Professional Product Photography Services

Trying to learn photography and photo editing requires a lot of time, practice, and experience. Plus, you need to know how to make cocktails or present spirits right from a bartending perspective.

If you choose to do it on your own, it may result in work that doesn’t do your brand justice. Professional product photographers understand the mechanics and nuances surrounding their craft, and their experience can be used to guide you toward better results.

Show Your Product In Use

Wine photography in Denver, CO

A ton of photos of just a bottle here or there won't entice people to buy as much as you want. Show others enjoying your product, pouring it, putting it into cocktails, cheersing, etc. 

Heck, you don't have to even have the bottle or product in focus. Sometimes just the implication is fine.

Pour shot of a wine bottle - Photography in Denver, CO

Show Context to Your Product

Show your products in different scenarios that make it easy to imagine using them. By creating a story with your photos, you create a need. Spice up your product photography with different models, lifestyles, settings, and actions that tell a different story in each.

By changing the context surrounding your products, you can connect with different demographics within your audience.

Book Twist & Tailor for Product Photography

If you have a wine & spirits brand that needs high-quality product photography, our team can help you bring your vision to life.

We specifically hire bartenders and hospitality professionals who understand wine & spirits intimately, so that we can show off the product in a realistic and accurate portrayal. We don't just market anything. We're specialized in wine & spirits to be able to provide you with the very best content for your brand.

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