Home & Outdoor Goods Brand Garners Results with Email Marketing

  • by Andi Whiskey

The Problem: Diagnosing Issues with Direct Marketing

Woods’ Goods Co fist arrived at Twist & Tailor with an in-house email marketing strategy that focused on revenue growth and lead generation, but they needed help increasing their customer engagement.

After an initial assessment of the direct marketing techniques used by Woods’ Goods Co, we discovered a high mailing frequency and lack of a value proposition for customers could be working against their goals. Originally, their email marketing garnered open rates hovered around 10%, and that translated to even smaller click-through rates of 0.5-1% for a majority of their efforts. Suffice to say, their customer lists were experiencing a loss of interest in the email campaigns they received.

Email Marketing for Beverage Brand Results


The Solution: Marketing Emails with Value

Our email marketing initiatives focused on nurturing the client’s existing lists while dispersing email campaigns that provided value for the customer. 

It’s best practice for most brands to achieve open rates between 15-25%, and click-through rates between 2-5%, so we developed an email marketing strategy that would cause a surge in lead generation and sales.

Email Marketing Results by Twist & Tailor

Our email marketing strategy prioritized creating value for the customer’s needs along with a schedule that had more planned consistency. In turn, we garnered open rates that were well over industry standards, achieved stickier click-through rates, and most importantly, increased revenue for Woods’ Goods Co. 

Interested in finding out how email marketing can benefit your business? Explore our catalog of marketing services for the right solution for you. We offer audits, one-time setups, and consultations as well. Contact us today! 

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